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Home Renovation Costs

How much will it cost to renovate your home?

According to Savills UK Blog , a new conservatory could add 10% to the price of your home. But it’s worth so much more than that. If you’ve ever seen Kirstie and Phil Love it or List it you’ll know the positive impact a home renovation can have, not just on the appearance of a property, but on quality of life, too.

Improving is cheaper than moving

Moving house can cost a considerable amount of money, and up-sizing will rack up the total further. If you love your current home but just wish it had more space, extending outwards could be the ideal solution. Nowadays, it’s possible to invest in home improvements using credit or finance options, so a new home extension could be closer than you think.

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Extension costs

The cost of an extension varies hugely, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Traditional brick extensions typically used to cost more than conservatories, but with modern designs, the gap between the styles, and therefore costs, of these is getting smaller.

General builders will tend to quote around £1,500 per metre² for an extension. Average extensions can cost anywhere between £20,000 and £70,000 for the building works, but interior fittings and decorations can cost extra. Flat roofs tend to be cheaper than pitched roofs, but tiled or glass lantern roofs are more stylish. External works like driveways and paths are also not included in the price.

Home extension installation

Conservatory Design and Installation

Conservatory costs

Conservatory prices start at around £15,000 for the installation of a simple uPVC double glazed conservatory. ‘White box’ conservatories were popular 20 years ago, and as styles have changed and expectations have grown, they have started to look outdated. The line between conservatories and extensions have blurred, and nowadays our customers are looking for a home improvement that offers more integrated living space.

Conservatories can be built up to 8 metres out from the main property (for detached houses, 6 metres for other house types) without needing planning permission. This has led to a rise in larger conservatories being built. Depending on the materials and furnishings used, a large conservatory could cost up to £100,000.

Orangery costs

By their design, luxury orangeries feature more costly components, such as brickwork, pillars and roof lanterns. At Crystal, our average orangery order is around £60,000; timber orangeries cost around £80,000 and our biggest projects cost around £110,000.

Half the cost of the works involves knocking through walls to create an open plan space, as well as additional installation work on the interior. Orangeries that sit against the exterior wall of a property and are joined by an external door can be as little as half this price.

Orangery Installation and design

Garden Room Planning and installation

Garden room costs

Garden sheds or pods can retail for as little as £3,000 to £8,000, but if you’re looking for a glazed garden room or office, this substantial, secure and energy efficient structure will cost more.

Designed to offer the same environment as inside a house, garden rooms will cost around the same price as an extension – but without the build costs associated with knocking walls through. Garden rooms start at around £10,000 and the bigger and better the design, the price can rise to around £35,000.

The best value for money home improvement

A question we get asked a lot is: how much value will my new home improvement add to my house? The concern being that if a home improvement is ‘too expensive’ it will not recoup the cost.

Our advice is to plan for the home improvement that will breathe life into your property and add the most benefits to your life. Modernising an existing property costs a fraction of the price compared to up-sizing. A £70,000 home improvement could give you the house you want, but can’t afford to move to.

What factors affect the cost of home renovations?

The cost of home improvements can be affected by size, materials used and labour.

Size. This might sound obvious, but the cost depends on the materials used, which are usually priced by metre². What might be considered a ‘small’ extension to a large property will be a similar price to a bigger extension to a small property.

Materials. uPVC, aluminium, timber and composite materials can all be used to create the frames used in home improvements – these all have different properties and performance values, and the price varies accordingly. As a guide, uPVC frames tend to be the cheapest and composite the most expensive. It’s possible to pay more for better quality double glazing, or even triple glazing.

Labour. Building work will also impact on the overall home improvement cost – the bigger and more complex the project, the more expensive it will be. ‘Installation’ work (that requires assembly and no construction) will be quicker and therefore more cost-effective than a full build. A standalone garden room or conservatory will also be cheaper than extending through exterior walls to create open-plan living.

Time of year. Some people say that the time of year can determine whether you get a cheaper price on home improvements. It’s possible to find deals and offers, however in our experience these are usually a ploy by companies to generate mass business. If you’re looking for a consistently good service, it’s worth going with a company that gives you a bespoke price for your project, based on your exact requirements.

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Crystal Living price guide

At Crystal Living, all our projects are bespoke, so quotations are unique and therefore there is no fixed price per project. Please remember, this is just a guide. The best way to get an idea about the cost of an extension or conversion is to request a free quotation for your project. Your dream home improvement could be less expensive than you think!

Average price
Extension £40,000
Orangery £45,000
Conservatory £20,000
Garden Room £20,000
Windows (Full house) £10,000
Entrance Door £2,000
Patio Doors £3,000

Some of the home extension projects we’ve completed at Crystal almost doubled the square footage of the downstairs and involved removing external supporting walls and fitting supporting steel girders. As you can imagine, an extension of this size was not cheap, but take a look at the photos and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s worth it!

Extending with Crystal Living

When you buy from Crystal, you can expect outstanding service. With a price promise, our costing process is made clear and simple – with no hidden fees.

We design and build high end, quality living spaces. Whilst some companies offer cheaper pricing, we challenge you to find a better showroom, service and selection of products! Choose Crystal Living and you get so much more:

  • No design fees – design service, architectural drawings and planning permissions all taken care of at no extra cost
  • Expert advice for any size project and a chance to get inspired at our Cheshire home improvement show site
  • Accurate budgeting. Your project won’t run over budget and we will never overcharge. Crystal absorbs any additional costs, unless you want to make changes to the designs, of course
  • Advice and recommendations when planning interior décor. We partner with other local, family-run businesses in the North West for interiors, soft furnishings, fireplaces and kitchens
  • Unlimited frame colours. When you improve your home with Crystal Living, your colour possibilities are endless. And thanks to our on-site colour plant, we can colour your frames at a fraction of the cost! Visit our showroom and be inspired to find a colour you might not have considered previously.

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Case studies Visit showroom Free Design Service