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Veranda and composite decking


Recently our fitting team was fortunate enough to visit one lucky customer’s home, who wished to treat their home to an entirely new garden area in which they could regularly relax and enjoy. Crystal Living soon began work constructing a beautiful new veranda complete with composite decking.

Reinventing this local home’s outside space

The best way to define an additional sense of space alongside your home when a full-scale extension or conservatory isn’t suitable, the homeowner’s saw the benefit of opting for a new veranda and decking after much discussion with our knowledgeable team. This particular property’s garden was spoilt with outside space in terms of length, providing the perfect opportunity to construct an elevated composite decking platform that would remain durable with a lot of design capability.

Composite decking differs greatly from traditional hardwood or softwood timber variants, instead – as the name suggests – being made up of multiple materials that would see the structure last for years under fairly harsh weather conditions. As well as being easy and quick to clean, the decking will never need painting or staining by the homeowners in order to remain safe, stylish and durable.

Ideal for social gatherings, parties and BBQs

Erected using highly durable and strong aluminium, the distinctively black veranda was installed by our team to help better define their revitalised outside space that while providing cover also allows for a large influx of natural light to successfully pass through thanks to the partially glazed overhead roof.

Especially when combined with the stylish composite decking, this home’s new outside area is now well-prepared for any summer social gatherings the couple may wish to put on. Electric heaters are also a welcome feature when the breeze begins to roll in later in the year, meaning that any garden parties or BBQs can continue long after the sun goes down. The couple need never worry about house space when carrying out social events ever again, with guests being perfectly able to spill out to the new veranda and decking.

An unbelievable result for the happy homeowners

Needless to say both the homeowners and our installation team were left very impressed with the finished result, with the veranda and composite decking combination perfectly allowing the couple’s outside space to be enjoyed 365 days a year. If you’d like to make better use of your home’s garden area, call our team today 01625 858 800 or contact us online.

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