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Tips for taking care of your PVCu windows

How to look after your windows with Crystal LivingPVCu windows have the edge over conventional windows in all kinds of ways – not least when it comes to long lasting performance. Unlike timber windows that need to be painted every few years, PVCu windows are low maintenance. All you need to do to keep them looking new is follow our tips:

  1. Easy clean

PVCu windows are easy to keep clean. Use an everyday mild detergent or cream cleaner in warm water every three months to clean off any dirt. If you live near a busy road where windows can develop a film of dirt quicker, you may find the muscle power of a special PVCu solvent cleaner will make the job even easier.

  1. Softly, softly

Use a soft cloth for cleaning window frames. Don’t be tempted to use a scouring pad for stubborn stains. A soft cloth with warm soapy water is all you’ll need and will maintain the smooth finish of PVCu.

  1. Go green

There are plenty of ways to save money and avoid shop bought cleaners. Lots of people swear by the traditional mix of vinegar and hot water (1 to 4 parts) in a spray bottle. Spray on, wait a moment and wipe away.

  1. Lock in performance

When you clean your window frames, don’t forget the locks and hinges, especially for windows which aren’t used frequently. Keep both locks and hinges working at their best by lubricating them every six months with an aerosol wax spray, rather than oil.

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