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Perry, conservatory

Inside of large orangery

The Brief  – “The customer’s initial plan was to replace their old conservatory, and, if possible, to link the new conservatory to the kitchen.”

The Design – The garden level was much higher than the floor level and we did not want to alter the retaining wall if possible, there was a downstairs toilet between the kitchen and current dining room which needed to be kept. It was also very important to keep some form of balance to the design certainly in creating the openings into each room, they wanted to create a flow as if the orangery was built as part of the original house. Whilst the plan was to have an open plan kitchen/dining/living area it was also important that each area was somehow separate, so by adding 2 different roof shapes these defined the seating and dining area, the kitchen was made slightly bigger by pinching some space from the utility room.

Technical considerations – The old conservatory was well past its best, and although it was a space they liked to use a lot the polycarbonate roof meant it was either too hot or too cold. There was no form of heating in there either. The current layout of the house meant they had to access the conservatory through a very small and dark dining room, which never really got used. After visiting the showroom they liked the idea of some form of glazed extension rather than a conservatory or a simple tiled roof extension as it would give both the light but also more of a room feel.

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