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Are you making the most of your back garden?

When the weather picks up, it’s lovely to be able to spend time outside. Are you making the most of your outside space? Your back garden has a wealth of potential and can become an extension of your inside living spaces. Even if your garden is small, there are still many ways you can appreciate it.

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What type of garden do you dream of?

How do you want to use your garden? Answering this question will help you decide how to plan your garden. Are your plants important to you or do you love having big BBQs with all the family round? When you’ve chosen what you want to emphasis, the rest will come easily. Your garden can become an extension of your dining area to give your more space and choice when the temperatures rise. Spending warm evenings outside can make a wonderful change.

Open up your back garden

If you want an easy way to make both your home and garden feel bigger, invest in some bifold doors. These unique sliding doors stack the panels to one side, opening up your space. When closed they also fill your home with light and give you beautiful views across your garden and further afield. They are the perfect way to bring open plan living to your home and make moving between your home and garden so much easier. On warm days, the breeze can flow around your home and when entertaining, guests can drift in and out. You will be amazed at what these can do for your home. Bifolding doors will massively transform how you use your garden too.

Follow the sun

Arrange your garden to make the most of the sun. If there’s an area of your outside space that’s a suntrap, make that your focus. You could grow your brightest plants there or put out some loungers to allow you to bask in the sun. Choose the area that gets light the longest to be where your dining area is. This will enable you to enjoy being outside for longer.

The best of both worlds

A garden room is the perfect way to increase your living space and enjoy more time in your garden. It can become a room bathed in light and be any design and colour you want. If you’re in need of a home office or study, a garden room will ensure you’re always inspired. They can also be great as a dining area for those special occasions.

Garden Office Design and Installation

The finishing touches

Adding lighting and heating to your garden will add that extra finishing touch. Fire pits make an impressive focal point as well as keeping you outside for longer. Fairy lights can bring a magical element to your garden while bamboo torches will transport you to a tropical paradise.

The garden transformation experts

However you want to transform your garden and make it connect seamlessly with your home, Crystal Living are the team you need. From bifold and sliding doors to garden rooms and conservatories, we can make you love your garden again.

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