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Lean-to Conservatories

What is a Lean-To Conservatory?

The style of a Lean–To conservatory is characterised by its simplicity. These conservatories are either square or rectangular in shape and are built using simple, clean lines. Its flat angled roof is pitched against the adjoining house, allowing rainwater to flow down into the guttering and drainpipe with ease. It is the most economical of all the conservatory styles and can be manufactured to fit the most unforgiving of spaces.

Why choose Lean-to conservatories?

The advantage of choosing a lean-to conservatory, as well as it being the best value for money, is that it makes the best use of the available space. Its single pitched roof is perfect for limited spaces that are offered by terraced houses, or by awkward spaces such as filling the side return at the rear of many Victorian properties. This well suited shape also allows the maximum opportunity for natural light.

Who is best suited for this type of conservatory?

A lean-to conservatory is ideal for bungalows or cottages that have little room to spare under the eaves. It is ideal for anyone who does not want to lose much of the garden space. As this structure offers the best value for money, it is also favoured by homeowners on a budget.

What base options are available?

Dwarf wall – This is the most traditional and affordable option. It provides a sense of privacy within a sturdy frame. The brick can be matched to that of the existing house proving a sense of uniformity across the two structures.

Full height glass – This is a popular option with lean-to conservatories as it optimises the sense of indoor/outdoor living within a limited space. The amount of light and heat entering the room is maximised but can still be controlled with adequate ventilation. This option can also reduce the material cost.

Raised PVC base panels – This is the most cost effective option of lean-to conservatory base as there is no brick and less glass. This base is also very easy to maintain.

What roof options are available?

Glass – A glass-roofed lean-to lets in the maximum amount of natural light. The addition of roof blinds can prevent too much heat from entering the room while still offering control of the amount of sunlight.

Polycarbonate – This roof option is low maintenance and reduces heat build up. A range of shades is available which determines the level of light entering the room. This is also the most cost effective roofing material.

How can I ventilate a lean-to conservatory?

Ventilation is key in enabling the room to be used comfortably all year round. This is especially important in a lean-to conservatory, which lets in the most natural light, and therefore heat, within the smallest space. Roof vents can be controlled either manually or electronically creating airflow to cool the room and reduce any condensation issues. Manual systems are operated using a pole and as well as being cheaper, removes the need for an unsightly control box, which is needed for the electronic alternative. An electric roof vent is operated using either a remote control or a wall-mounted panel.

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