Kerb appeal hacks: 5 ways to improve your home’s appearance

Kerb appeal hacks: 5 ways to improve your home’s appearance

White uPVC Casement windows- kerb appeal

Are you looking for those finishing touches to make your home stand above the rest? All it takes is some simple changes to make your home the envy of the street. Give your home’s kerb appeal the lift it needs to change how you feel about your home. Your kerb appeal can also help increase your home’s value and make it feel like new. Here is some inspiration to help boost your home’s kerb appeal.

Create an entrance that welcomes you home every day

Your front door is the first element of your home a visitor will see. If it’s past its best it can affect the whole of your home’s exterior. Upgrade your door to a stunning composite door with the aesthetics of timber. With an abundance of colour options, you can easily brighten up your home. Hardware can make a real difference too, think authentic pewter knockers or letterplates to give your home a heritage feel.

Upgrade your windows

White casement timber windows insallation-kerb appeal

If your front door is the first thing guests will see, then windows surely follow next. Tired looking windows can be extremely noticeable and upgrading will enhance your home’s kerb appeal. Choose new uPVC windows to improve your efficiency, timber windows to give your home a heritage feel or aluminium windows to add a ultramodern twist. You can be bold with your colour choice; windows don’t have to be white. With our innovative colour plant, any of your home improvements can be any colour of your choosing.

Add a splash of colour to wake up your walls

Have you considered painting your walls to give your home a breath of fresh air? If the houses down your street are all similar, you could buck the trend by choosing a colour to make your home stand out for the right reasons. Rendering or cladding can also have a similar effect and will make your home feel brand new.

Love your garden

White uPVC Stormproof windows

Your front garden is an easy way to enhance the look of your home. Make the most of it by growing some bright exotic plants to create a sea of colour. If gardening isn’t your forte, simply weeding and cutting the lawn will still improve how others see your home. Why not add some paving to break up your garden and make it look neater?

A driveway to be proud of

Your driveway is an easy aspect to forget, but when it doesn’t have your car on it, it can showcase the style of your home. Why not have new stones laid or brick edging to give it that polished look?

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