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It all starts with the brief

Making a change to your home is exciting. You can finally enjoy a property that fits your lifestyle. At Crystal Living this big step starts with a conversation – that all important client brief or consultation that we always have with customers.

We ask the right questions

We spend time to find out what you want. Creating a detailed brief from clients is essential because we offer endless possibilities for enhancing your home. With so many options, we discover exactly what you want from your property. For example, while one customer may be looking forward to a relaxing oasis with the indoor/outdoor blend of a conservatory, another might be aiming for an awe-inspiring kitchen extension housed in a stunning orangery. Another customer may be dreaming of a stunning pool house or creating a workspace in a garden room…We never forget it’s your vision so we make sure we ask all the right questions.

What are you looking for?

We always visit you at home for the initial consultation. Not only does this make it a more enjoyable process for you, but we can complete a detailed assessment of the space you want to change. This is the stage where we discover what you want to achieve and how you would like your property to evolve. It’s also the time when we find out what you do and don’t like about the existing space so that we retain the features that you want whilst improving or removing those that you don’t. This really is your opportunity to enhance your home to match your dreams so it’s the time to share your ideas.

Need some advice?

Worried because you’re not 100% sure of what you want? No problem. Working out exactly what you want is part of the process too. We find out how you live in your home to discover how you want to update your property. Many customers who contact us think they would like a conservatory, but after talking to us, realise that a home extension will give them what they want. That is why we place so much importance on listening to our customers and creating the perfect living environment. Plus we have the experience to offer a range of different options so that the plan you get is exactly right for you. The detailed plans provided by our designers will also make it much easier to visualise the look of the finished project. You can visit our showroom and we’ll happily talk you through the different options on display.

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