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If you think wood is good, Evolution is even better

Coloured timber alternative windows and doors from Crystal LivingWe all love traditional timber windows especially when refurbishing or restoring older properties. But no one really wants the hassle of sanding the flaking and rotting wood, undercoating and then painting the frames. It just takes too long. And of course, then there’s the issue of energy efficiency. You’re never going to get the comfort levels we all want from our homes with single glazed windows.

But we know traditional homes need traditional designs. Sticking a modern window into a period home can ruin the whole balance of the property and can actually reduce the value. So it’s important to install windows that perfectly complement the age of your home.

That’s where Evolution windows by Crystal Living come in. Don’t tell anyone but they’re actually PVCu. You probably wouldn’t know unless we told you, because they look as good as wood. They come in a woodgrain finish and have all the extras you’d expect from a timber window. Georgian bars and a stunning range of traditional handles can all be added for extra authenticity.

We even do Georgian and Tudor styling to suit different homes. Tudor comes with black frames and white sashes for a stunning look, perfect for replacing wooden windows in older properties.

You may not be able to tell the difference when it comes to looks, but you’ll definitely see the difference when it comes to performance. Highly energy efficient, there’s no compromise in your comfort. You will be able to reduce your heating bills from day one after installing Evolution windows. The latest security technology is discreetly hidden away so you get the benefits of high security too.

But best of all, Evolution windows are low maintenance. No sanding, scraping or clambering up ladders with a paintbrush in hand every three years. Just a quick wipe down with soapy water and they’ll look amazing for years to come.

Evolution windows are available in any colour imaginable. There’s a range of doors to perfectly complement them too. Come and see for yourself in our showroom in Poynton.

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