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How to transform your Christmas with an orangery or conservatory

An orangery in time for Christmas from Crystal LivingChristmas is traditionally the season for spending time with your nearest and dearest. But, let’s face it, all that socialising does bring with it some practical problems! Fortunately there is a great way to give yourself that ultimate Christmas gift…some extra space.

Do any of the following festive challenges sound familiar to you?

How do I fit in the whole family (and then some)?

Family gatherings are the heart of Christmas…but we all know what it’s like trying to fit every generation of the family into one property. That’s before you consider how to seat your entire clan around your four seater kitchen table! Even with a careful calculation of people to beds and seats, somehow it never quite adds up. Add an orangery or a conservatory to your home for Christmas, however, and you get a gorgeous dining area or a spare room for relatives and a beautiful living space you can enjoy all year round! Not to mention the overall asset to your property and its value. Here’s another festive bonus: a high quality orangery or conservatory will retain heat to a standard which will make a desirable temporary bedroom for even the most demanding family member!

How can I host great gatherings – without the big squeeze?

Do those big festive gatherings tend to end up feeling a little too cosy? It’s a familiar problem. If you love giving Christmas parties, but find that they usually lack even the room to swing a reindeer, you’re not alone. But when you add an orangery or conservatory into the mix, you have instant extra party space. Even better, with an orangery or a conservatory which is specially designed to match your home and lifestyle, you can make sure you’re maximising on all possible Christmas party potential! Bring on the mulled wine!

How can I create a quiet sanctuary?

There comes a point in every person’s Christmas where the need for a quiet sanctuary is essential. This is not so easy to find when your home is hosting three generations or more…These are the times when even the kitchen has become a gathering space for people retreating from the crowd watching the EastEnders special in the living room. But relax…when you add an orangery or a conservatory to your family Christmas, you can quickly create a designated quiet zone. Scented candles and whale music are optional!

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