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How to create the perfect space for your ‘she-cave’

Crystal Living she cave garden roomSheds. They’ve long been associated with men enjoying a little space and time away from everyday family life. But the modern-day cave or retreat is no longer just for men! You may have heard about the ‘she-cave’ phenomenon which is growing across the country. Women have started claiming their own private space within the home. At Crystal Living, we have many years’ experience of creating unique spaces to fit each person’s exact needs. We’re not only experts in making more of family homes, we’re also experienced in developing stunning dedicated spaces.

Isn’t time you had your very own space?

As rewarding as family life is, we all need some time to ourselves. While men have traditionally felt happy to retreat to their man-cave, women are only just catching on to the benefits of a separate space in which they can relax. We can help redesign your home to create a beautiful space for pampering yourself or for catching up on that bestseller everyone’s talking about.

Your place to be creative

For many years, men have had their own private retreat in which to indulge in their favourite hobby, whether that is model trains or renovating a vintage car. A she-cave is the ideal way to pursue that activity you’ve been wanting to try for years, whether it is crafts, painting or writing that book which has been stuck on the back burner. Perhaps you have your own private passion for model trains. Whatever it is, reshaping your home to make space for your interest is much easier and more economical than moving.

Your business opportunity

‘Bedroom-office entrepreneurs’ are on the rise in the UK. Most of us have a little dream of a side-line, whether that’s turning a hobby into a full-time job or building up an additional stream of income that fits with family commitments. The fact is, when you have the space to dedicate to your business idea, you’re much more likely to make it happen. It’s up to you. With our help, you could have your very own she-cave much sooner than you think.

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