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How a Crystal Living Home Gym can help you take back your me-time

Finding time to get to the gym or going for a run isn’t always easy and when you are free, it’s either pouring with rain or pitch black outside. You work long hours and spending time with your family is your priority for the rare time off you have. Or, you’re a full-time mum and heading out to the gym every day with young children in tow just isn’t practical.

But exercise is your thing. It’s the only time you really have to clear your head and just enjoy what you’re doing. Your me-time shouldn’t be ignored. Your answer could be a Crystal Living home gym.

How can a home gym work out for me?

There are lots of ways to create your personalised exercise room. If you don’t use your garage, we could convert it for you. If you think a glass extension, such as an orangery or conservatory would suit the style of your home better, we can do that too.

Or if you don’t want to disturb the rest of the family or if the children are in bed when you’re training, have a garden room built for your gym. The large glass walls will make it feel like you’re running outdoors and in the summer, you could even open the doors to let the breeze in.

Lots of people make their health a top priority so perhaps you need a completely new space, in which case an extension might be right for you, big enough to house your gym equipment, a shower room and even a luxury sauna so you can let off some steam after putting in your miles.

A perfect health club

Whichever way you choose to add exercise space to your property, you can have a bespoke design to make sure that it is perfect for your training. Of course you’ll need space for your machines, weights and bags and some floor space to do your circuits and stretches, but what about the things that make your ideal training space?

A good sound system is always a start. Unlike a health club, you can have your own choice of music, as loud as you like, without having to wear uncomfortable headphones.

If you like to catch up on your favourite soaps or reality shows whilst you run, installing a TV on the wall of your gym is for you.

A long mirror is a good idea in any gym, so that you can keep a close eye on your form and technique to avoid injury.

Air conditioning can be installed so that you can regulate room temperature. Choosing solar reflective glass will help with this by reducing the amount of heat coming through the glass.

If swimming is how you like to cool down, then a pool room would be a great addition to your home health club. With an extension or a dedicated garden room, your pool could be the new focal point of your property which will not only be great for your training but also for spending time playing in the water with your children. You could even add in a hot tub under a portico for some serious pampering time after a gruelling session.

How do we run it?

At Crystal Living, we build bespoke spaces to meet your needs, so if that’s a home gym, then we have lots of options for you. There’s no need to hire an architect as our specialised design team are precision planners. They create the initial plans and 3D digital images to show you exactly how your home will look. You can choose from a range of top quality materials to suit your property, in PVCu, aluminium or timber. Then, we supply, build and finish everything to the highest possible standard.

Your home deserves a little luxury. Whether it’s a home gym or a place to relax in, we can create a space that’s personal to the way you live. Take a look through our website for some ideas on how to add space or call in to our showroom in Poynton to have a chat with one of our designers.

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