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House extensions vs space-saving hacks: Is it easier to just create more space?

If your home is lacking space, you might be weighing up your options. You could either extend your home or make some simple changes that can make a huge difference.


If it’s a lot of extra space you’re after; a home extension could be your best solution. It allows you to create a room adapted to your needs and in the style you want. As well as a brick extension, you could also have a glazed extension such as a conservatory or orangery. With the choice of solid, glass or even a lantern roof, you can create a stunning extension that will become a loved part of your home. You also have the option of making your extension blend in and feel like a natural part of your home. Or it can stand out and become a stunning focal point that boosts your kerb appeal.

Extending your home can add considerable value to your home so is a worthwhile investment for the future. However, the difference it can make to your lifestyle is the biggest incentive. Whether this gives your family more space to breathe or allows more entertaining opportunities, the way you use your home will be transformed. It will change how you feel about your home and can give it a new lease of life. Whether you need an extra bedroom or just want to extend your living space, your family will reap the benefits for years to come.

With our expertise in transforming homes, we can extend your home with very little hassle for you and your family. Design is always a priority for us. We work with you to find out how you will use your extension and how you imagine it will look.

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Space-saving solutions

If this home is not your ‘forever home’, it might not be worth extending if you don’t need an extra room. There are some simple and affordable changes you can make to your home that will give you some much needed space.

Have a walk around your home and see if your space is working for you. Are there are large spaces that could be put to better use? The space under the stairs is an area full of potential. You could turn it into a cupboard for odds and ends, a bookshelf or knock through to open up your room. Adding shelves onto any bare walls will free up space elsewhere and also allows you to have loved items on display. In your kitchen, you could have shelves under or above your cupboards which will give you more worktop space.

If you have an internal wall that isn’t structurally integral to your home, you could consider knocking it down. This would allow an open plan feel in your home which looks unmistakably modern. It’s surprising how much extra space you can gain from doing this. The room will also feel brighter as will enjoy extra light from your windows.

Make your space work for you

An alternative to extending that won’t encroach on any of your outside space is a conversion. Is there usable space in your garage or loft that could be put to better use? If these aren’t doing much, they could be turned into an extra bedroom or office.

If you want to transform your home in any way, Crystal Living is the name you can trust. Specialising in creating stunning home solutions, get in touch to start planning the home of your dreams.

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