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Build a glass summer house you can use all year round

Green glass Summer House Design and Installation

A glass summer house isn’t just for the summer. When built with efficient materials, they become a well-loved part of your home suitable to use whatever the season. Suitable for a range of uses from a playroom to a sun-filled lounge away from the main house. How about a swimming pool room or an office where you can gain inspiration from your beautiful garden?

An attractive alternative for your home

The main difference between a conservatory and summer house is that a summer house becomes an extension of your garden rather than your house. It’s a way of allowing you to enjoy and appreciate your garden throughout the year. Take in the beautiful views or simply enjoy the feeling of being outside. One of their benefits is that they’re normally counted as permitted development so don’t require planning permission.

Stunning crystal clear views

Unlike a conservatory, you aren’t restricted with where you have your glass summer house. As it’s detached from your house, you can place it anywhere within your garden. If part of your garden is a suntrap, place it there to get full exposure from the sun. This will allow it to stay warm throughout the colder months. If your garden is large enough, you could place it in the centre and have a full 360° panorama. Imagine the breath-taking views you could enjoy.

A warm inviting escape throughout the year

With effective insulation and solar-control glass, your summer house will become a room you love using in winter as much as summer. With no draughts or cold spots, it never needs to be abandoned. The energy of the sun will warm up the room throughout the year which makes it an appealing place to spend time in. When the sun’s gone down, fairylights can create a cosy atmosphere that can be enjoyed throughout the dark winter evenings. You could even incorporate a log burner into your design to make it the perfect winter hideaway.

glass summer house

The perfect room to impress your guests

There are so many different ways you could use your summer house. They could be used as a shelter for garden parties and a place to keep the food and drinks while guests enjoy your garden. With a glazed roof, they could be the perfect place to enjoy a spot of stargazing. Even when it’s cold, with a clear nights sky, enjoy nature’s finest night-time show.

A glass summer house to enhance your home

Your glass summer house can be made in any way you like. Whether you want it to be similar to a conservatory, an orangery or a completely bespoke design, we can help. With a choice of hardwood, aluminium or uPVC frames, you can create any look and colour you want. Thermally efficient and durable, they will keep the warmth in all year round. Our summer houses are built to the highest standards to ensure they are rooms you love to be in, whatever the weather. Contact Crystal Living today to share with us your plans for your dream glass summer house.

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