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Garden doors: Best door designs for your home and garden

As the hotter weather approaches, we all want to spend more time outside. Replacing your garden door can brighten up your home and garden. It will also make moving between your home and garden a more pleasant experience. Choose one of our stylish garden doors to enhance your home and make you enjoy your garden that little bit more.

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Instantly boost the look of your home and garden

Both sliding doors and bifold doors look extremely attractive as give you wide-ranging views of your outside space. With large glazing panels, light can fill your home so you can always appreciate the sun. Bifold doors especially give an ultramodern feel to your home and will impress anyone who sees them. A new garden door will add the wow factor to a garden party and can do wonders to improve the overall aesthetic of the rest of your home.

With our own colour plant, we can make your door match the rest of your home or choose your favourite shade and let your new door stand out from the rest. Aluminium, with its sleek frames will give your home a real 21st century feel whereas uPVC is the classic and elegant choice.

Enhance your space

Both these styles of door give you much more space compared to doors that open in or outwards. You don’t lose any space either side of the door and with bifolds you can completely open the door and stack the panels on one side. This gives you plenty of room to move around and opens up your home, giving an open plan feel. This is the perfect choice when entertaining as allows seamless movement around your home and will increase how large your home feels.

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Garden doors that do it all

You don’t need to compromise on security and thermal performance when choosing a stylish garden door. All of our doors come complete with high performing locking mechanisms so you never need to worry about the safety of the rear of your home. Whether you choose a uPVC or aluminium sliding door, energy efficiency is guaranteed. With multichambered profiles and high quality glazing, these doors will look after you whatever the weather.

With classic uPVC, looking after your door is simple; no painting is required and it’s a durable material that will last. Aluminium is exceptionally strong and will keep your home warm all year round.

Garden doors that open the possibilities in your home

Here at Crystal Living, we have all the tools you need to create the perfect home and garden. From beautiful garden doors, to garden rooms and porticos, we will get you ready for summer. Get in touch to find out how our range of garden doors can enhance your home.

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