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Extend your kitchen to enjoy more of family life

Kitchen extension for family life from Crystal LivingThe kitchen. It means so much more to your home than just a place to cook.  Wouldn’t it be great if its size and flexibility truly reflected its importance in your family’s life? If you’ve ever thought about extending your kitchen, you might be surprised by what our team can achieve for you.

Why extend?

The question should really be “Why not extend?” After all, more and more people are looking to update their existing homes rather than going to the expense of moving house. Changing your kitchen is the ideal time to maximise on the surrounding space. If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen, why not consider extending it?

Make the most of your home

As well as transforming your familiar kitchen into a gorgeous open plan space, we can take it even further with a turn-key extension and beautiful bi-folding doors. We offer a choice of options which take the potential even further: from a spacious orangery to a classic conservatory to an Italian-style Loggia. At Crystal Living, we have years of experience of upgrading kitchens to a standard and style that delights homeowners. It’s a track record reflected by the popularity of our kitchen extensions.

Add value to your property

With a kitchen extension from Crystal Living, you can instantly remodel your home and increase its value. Property-hunting families now actively look for the ideal family kitchen where it is as enjoyable to spend time together as it is to cook and as easy to go out into the garden as it is to host dinner parties. As well as adding value, a kitchen extension also provides you with additional precious space, allowing you to spend more quality time with your nearest and dearest.

Expect more

We specialise in transforming familiar spaces into something incredible. We’re able to do this because we really get to know our customers and what’s important to them. We assess the space carefully and look at how changing it could change their lifestyle. Then we share this with our skilled design team who create a design which doesn’t just look great, but makes the best possible use of the space. You’ll probably be surprised by what we can help you achieve. We surprise our customers in other ways, too. With so much knowledge of the market, we can offer more options when it comes to appliances and technology, too.

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