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Edwardian Conservatories

At first glance, one would be forgiven for thinking that the Edwardian conservatory is less spectacular than its Victorian contemporary. This is due to its rectangular boxy shape and the era’s penchant for symmetry. In fact, on closer inspection, the flamboyance of the Edwardian conservatory is found within this symmetry as well as in the detailed cresting and decorative glass.

Edwardian conservatory roofs are usually four sided and look timeless and harmonious against any style of home. This style also allows the maximum amount of light to enter the room and maximizes the floor space. This will be far easier to create the room of choice whether it is a dining room, kitchen extension or lounge, as furniture will fit as well here, as any other room of the house.

The pitch of the Edwardian conservatory roof and the angular nature of its floor allows this extension to sit effortlessly at any side of the home and allows a conservatory to be built in places with height restrictions, such as bungalows.

The walls of an Edwardian conservatory can either be glazed to the floor or to a dwarf wall, both offering equal success. Floor length glass panels are perfect for creating an indoor/outdoor living space and making the conservatory feel as though its part of the garden. Conversely, a dwarf wall creates a link between the conservatory and the house to solidify its position as part of the original home.

Edwardian conservatories usually have a maximum width allowance but the projection can be limitless. This makes the Edwardian a good option for those with large gardens who want to increase their living space whilst still enjoying the outdoors.  Greater widths can be afforded with the use of a double-hipped style of Edwardian conservatory. Like a standard Edwardian, the roof is pitched from the sides creating a central ridge. A double-hipped style means that the rear of the conservatory roof is also pitched, creating a wider stance. This double-hipped roof will also accommodate for any height restrictions that the house may pose.

The Edwardian style offers clean lines, full use of floor space, and floods of light. It creates a blank canvas from which to create the ideal additional living space to the home. It has the potential to dazzle with decorative touches in the glass and roof ridge but its stylishly simplistic nature is what attracts the most attention.

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