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Don’t let autumn get between you and your garden

Crystal Living BBQ area PorticoOne hour a week. That’s what the latest research reveals to be the very limited amount of time we’re able to spend enjoying our gardens thanks to the Great British weather. This is particularly shocking when you consider how many of us love being outside in our gardens. With autumn now underway and marking the start of the colder months, it may seem that we’re stuck at just an hour a week. However, there’s no need to give up on your garden any more.

Fall for fall

Our new Portico product provides a complete answer to enjoying your garden all year round. Just think of it an as extra living space for your garden…Now you don’t need to stop hosting garden parties once the chill sets in. Simply hold your social events in your Portico and, thanks to its outside heating and high level of protection from the wind and rain (as well as potentially damaging UVA and UVB rays), you can create a party ambiance which brings together the best of your home and your garden. Why should the barbecues stop just because summer has?

Share more of your outdoor space

It’s all too easy to see your garden as a no-go area once the temperatures fall. But as any keen gardener knows, the outside area often becomes even more interesting from September onwards. If you’ve put a lot of work into creating a garden you love, your Portico will allow you and your guests to keep on enjoying the fruits of your labours, whether that is the fabulous autumn colour on your trees or your newly planted flower beds.

Stay closer to nature

As lovely as our homes are, we all need to connect with the great outdoors from time to time. When the summer ends, it is possible to start feeling a little confined. With a Portico you get all the benefits of the indoors (including brick pillars with a glazed roof, your choice of colour and integrated lighting or a central feature light), but with a closer connection to nature. Plus, if you fancy doing some nature watching with the grandkids or admiring a stunning sunset with a glass of wine in your hand, you can do that too. Weather permitting? Not any more.

For information about enjoying more of the outdoors even in the colder months click here.

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