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Designing your own garden studio: where to start

If you work from home, you’ll know how hard it can be finding a quiet place to focus. It can be hard to get anything done, or to find creative inspiration, with all of the distractions of day to day to life in your property.

Sound familiar? A garden studio could be exactly what you need. We take a look at how a garden studio could benefit you, and how to go about designing the perfect one.

Garden office from Crystal Living

What is a garden studio?

Think of a garden studio like a luxury shed at the bottom of the garden. Tucked away a short distance from your main property, it can provide the ideal hermitage for those needing peace, quiet, and somewhere to focus.

A garden studio is ideal for those who work for home, including those seeking creative inspiration, or those simply needing respite from the noises of inside in order to be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Even if you have no particular need for a dedicated work space, a garden studio provides the ideal place to retreat with a book and cup of tea.

Based around light and space

The main factors to consider if you are thinking about a garden studio revolve around light and space. If you want to benefit from as much natural light as possible, opt for a glazed garden studio, or one that features glass doors.

Natural light and impressive views of the garden are ideal for those seeking creative inspiration, such as artists, writers and designers. If you are going to be using a computer or screens, sun glare can be reduced with a lantern roof. For optimum privacy and cosines, a solid tiled roof may be best.

Spacing is also key. Bear in mind privacy, distractions and shady spots. If you want a naturally light and quiet space, the ideal placement will be somewhere out of view of neighbours, as far away from the main house as possible, and somewhere that the sun can reach!

Choose the right placement, and you will create the perfect hideaway – and one where your creative (or productive) juices will be able to flow freely, rather than be distracted by children, pets, or any other distractions of daily life.

garden room with tiled roof

It’s not just a shed!

In addition to high quality frameworks, doors and roofs, your garden studio will be set apart from just a shed with the finishing touches. If you are going to want to use your garden studio all year round, you’ll be glad to hear that modern studios offer impressive energy efficiency, regardless of the frame material. If you are going to be using your studio daily, you will want to bear heating, electricity, and therefore planning permission, in mind.

Generally, there are three factors that determine whether you will need planning permission for your garden studio; the building itself, its location, and its intended use. The majority of garden studios won’t need planning permission, as long as they don’t take up more than 50% of the garden and are single storey – reputable installers will be able to advise on any Building Regulations, so don’t be put off by them.

Tailor made garden studios from the experts

Whether you are worried about planning permission, or simply want the hassle taken out of designing your garden studio, Crystal Living are on hand to help.
We offer a dedicated design and installation service for garden studios. Working with your requirements as a priority, we can create peaceful and quiet spaces – ideal for work or simple relaxation.

With a CAD design service that brings your ideas to life, and a range of styles to choose from, our garden studio service gives you customisation control whilst we take care of all of the hard work. Let us deal with the complexities whilst you decide on colours and furnishings!

If you want some inspiration for your garden studio, why not explore our garden rooms ideas page? To find out how we can bring your ideas to life, enquire with us today – you could be one step closer to benefitting from the perfect garden retreat.

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