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Contemporary kitchen design trends for 2017

Kitchen Extension Design and Installation

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It might be the only place the whole family gets to spends time together in this busy world. If you’re a wannabe chef, it’s also where you spend time slaving away over your culinary creations. It could also be your prime entertaining location, especially if you have a kitchen/diner. If you’re having a kitchen extension this year or simply want to brighten it up, have a look at some of the hottest kitchen design trends this year.

Space saving solutions

Innovative ways of keeping your kitchen free of clutter are creeping into the design of kitchens now. Appliances and worktops are becoming more integrated to allow the room to have an uninterrupted flow. Larger appliances can often take over the space so look for ones designed for integration; choose a colour too that won’t stand out. Hidden storage is becoming extremely popular, there’s an array of nifty ideas to keep your kitchen tidy. Add hooks to the inside doors of cupboards for towels or to hold utensils. Do you have a gap between cupboards or appliances? This can easily become a pull-out towel rail or wine rack. Can you add some shelves above or below cupboards? Keeping your worktops free of clutter gives you more space and makes the room appear larger.

Kitchen extension with island from Crystal Living

Light up breakfast time

Feature windows are perfect for the kitchen. The kitchen is a room that loves as much light as possible. Natural light gives a room a welcoming feel as well as making it more appealing to use and whip up some delicious meals. If you have an external wall that isn’t doing much, considering turning it into a wall of windows. You could use bespoke shapes to create a beautiful centrepiece that attracts the eye every time you enter. With bold frames and colours, you could really transform your kitchen and make it more usable throughout the day.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

If you fancy something a bit different, the industrial style kitchen is continuing to see a surge in popularity. Inspired by the look of factories and warehouses; less is more with this style. Exposed bricks and pipes as well as the use of rustic metals are the main elements of this trend. The materials used are given precedence over the design. The whole point is to show that the raw look can be just as beautiful. Consider adding steel beams or use distressed timber for your worktops. Brilliant for contemporary homes, this kitchen design trend will be unexpected and original in an older property.

Bright new kitchen extension cost

Beauty and function combined

Quartz worktops are one trend where jumping on the bandwagon makes sense. With a sophisticated and flawless finish, it is also heat and scratch resistant. This makes it a great choice for cooking connoisseurs and busy families. With the development of composite worktops, it’s now more affordable to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Kitchen design trends are our speciality

Here at Crystal Living, we specialise in all aspects of design for your home. From kitchen extensions to adding in windows and doors, we can enhance your home with you in mind. With our unique approach to transforming homes, we will create something that is exactly how you want it. Get in touch today to breathe some life into your kitchen.

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