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Building Regulations Covered

Roberts in Crystal Living Home Remodel in progressThere’s plenty to think about when you’re extending your home. The colour scheme for your new living room, choosing the right dining table and deciding whether you want curtains or blinds.

With so many exciting decisions to make, one thing you don’t want to be worrying about is building regulations and with Crystal Living, you don’t have to.

From the beginning of planning, through to creating designs, starting the build and completing the finishing touches, we consider all industry advice and legislation.

We keep our team up-to-date with all the latest recommendations and changes to Construction Design and Management Regulations, attending regular courses and reading up on anything new. So, our whole team are aware of the rules and that basically means that health, safety and welfare are all well managed, by everyone, all of the time.

It’s a really important factor during our projects and anything from new windows and doors to kitchen extensions or garden room constructions are treated the same way by our professional team.

Simply put, you can be rest assured that whilst there’s work being done on your home, you, your family and our team will be safe.

At the beginning of your Crystal Living project, we assign an experienced project manager who takes care of everything for you. From building regulations and planning permission to work schedules and materials, they are your first point of contact and can answer any questions you have.

So carry on browsing for the perfect couch and testing out colour swatches, because we’ve got everything covered.

If you’d like to read more about Construction Design and Management Regulations, you can find a full guide here.

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