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Back to black: Why you should choose a monochrome colour scheme

If there’s one home design trend that is here to stay, it’s monochrome.monochrome She Cave Installation and Design The term monochrome means varying tones of one colour. However now it mainly refers to a palette of black, white and sometimes grey. You aren’t restricted with this trend though. With an unlimited choice of patterns and textures, you can incorporate monochrome in any part of your home. Black and white as colours highlight the best in each other; the depth of black and the pureness of white.

Monochrome: the versatile colour trend

Monochrome can bring so many different effects to your home. It’s been a staple choice for home interiors for many years now but has the advantage of never feeling old. In fact, if done right it can give your home that contemporary edge you’re craving. It can add drama and is stylish. It can also be elegant, classic and simple. There are so many ways you can adapt monochrome to your own tastes. Using just black and white can give a stark contrast or become a seamless blend of tones.

Perfect for any room in the house

A black painted timber floor with white walls and ceilings is a brilliant way to freshen up your home. This also gives the illusion of your room being larger with the ceiling seeming endless. Monochrome stripes can also help make a room look bigger. Monochrome is a popular key trend for kitchens at the moment. It can be a perfect choice for worktops and cabinets or even just small appliances. Think sleek black marble counters and classic white painted cupboards in your new kitchen extension.

The possibilities are endless

Many think black is too harsh a colour for the home but just take a look at the garden room above. Black has been used for the walls as well as the frame and it gives it a chic look. If the thought of just black and white in your home scares you, grey can be used to soften the starkness. You could also add another colour such as blue or red to bring the room to life.

Brighten up the exterior

Monochrome is not just for the interior either. With windows, doors and conservatories available in any colour imaginable, you can create any effect for the outside of your home. Take a look at this stunning white walled home. With black windows and bifold doors, the contrast gives a very modern effect. This could easily be used for a traditional home as well.

The experts in bringing colour to your home

With our very own colour plant, you can have your home exactly as you want it. Whether you choose uPVC, aluminium or timber for your windows, doors and conservatories, they can come in any colour imaginable. Get in touch today to discuss how you can bring some monochrome or any other colour trend to your home.

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