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April is decorating month so have some fun with your home

Green Hardwood Conservatory Installation decorating month

Easter and the bank holidays are traditionally seen as the perfect opportunity to complete some tasks in the home. As well as spring cleaning, why not brighten up your home with some decorating? Did you know that April is decorating month? Now is a great time to get inspired and transform your home. If you’re getting a bit bored of looking at the same walls and are considering moving, think improve first. A simple colour change or extension can completely change how you feel about your home.

Let some colour in

Adding a splash of colour to your home is a fantastic way to breathe some life into it. Use this time to experiment with some new shades. From new window colours to simply painting a wall, you can instantly change how your home looks and feels. We have our own colour plant which allows us to create any colour imaginable for your home. We can create the perfect colour for your home. Whether you want your conservatory to stand out from your home or match your current colour scheme. Our composite doors are a brilliant way to brighten up your home and will instantly boost your kerb appeal. Your front door is one of the first things a visitor will see so it’s important that it makes an impression.

colour decorating month

Extend more than just your space

Have you considered an extension? Having a kitchen extension or orangery incorporated into your home can improve your lifestyle as well as your space. With an orangery, you can have a beautifully crafted vaulted ceiling which can blend seamlessly into the rest of your home. There are a multitude of uses for your new room from a kitchen extension to a home office. This could be the kickstart you need to make improvements to the rest of your home. From stunning hardwood to uPVC and aluminium, your new extension can become a well-loved asset to your home.

Space-saving solutions

If more space is what you need, there are other simple ways you can boost the potential of your home. With nifty space-saving ideas, you can open up your possibilities and make your home more organised as well as bigger. Why not add some extra shelves under your kitchen cupboards or have a wine rack in a space that’s currently not doing anything.

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Give you garden a spring clean

You don’t have to just stick to your home either. Take advantage of the improving weather and start sprucing up your garden. You could paint your fence or decking a new bright and bold shade. How about a spot of gardening too? Plant some new flowers and create a garden you will enjoy being in.

Sometimes simple is best

A loggia kitchen extension that has been expanded into a full open-plan room.

A simple change could be all that’s needed. Place a piece of statement furniture in your living room or decorate the walls with colourful canvasses and photos. Plants are also a great way to incorporate some colour into your home. They can also improve your wellbeing and how welcoming your home feels.

Fall in love with your home again

Enjoy decorating month this year and with some help from Crystal Living, make your home feel like new again. Get in touch today to discuss your home improvement plans.

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