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Aluminium frames are the secret to modernising your home

Black aluminium windows in a contemporary white house

To give your home that architectural touch, aluminium frames are the way to go. Be the envy of your neighbours by bringing your home into the 21st century. When you see those beautiful houses on home improvement shows, they have the wow factor which aluminium can bring. Adding value to your home is also easy to achieve with aluminium.

The 21st century material

Aluminium is an ultramodern material that is effective as a material for windows and doors as well as conservatory roofs. It offers a range of advanced benefits that your home can enjoy. It is an inherently strong material but at the same time lightweight. This added to its high flexibility means it can be shaped anyway you like to create bespoke designs to complement your home. Aluminium has the advantage of having slimline frames which can hold large panes of glass and adds to the ultra-modern aesthetic. All these benefits put together will give you increased beautiful outside views.

Passing on benefits to the homeowner as well as elegance

In terms of energy efficiency, aluminium is naturally insulating so is a great choice for window frames. It will protect your home against draughts and improve the temperature generally around your home. If you choose aluminium for your home, it will last for many years to come as is extremely durable and won’t rot or chip. The low maintenance value makes it highly appealing to homeowners. You can rest assured in the knowledge that your aluminium products will stay looking as good as new.

Aluminium Sliding Door Installation

Advanced windows for any home

Aluminium windows, as well as adding that modern feel, can reduce heat loss in your home by up to 60%. Using a thermally broken and multi-chambered profile, your home is able to retain heat making it comfortable all year round. They can be coloured with any RAL colour to allow complete personalisation; style your home any way you like. Their modern appearance looks especially impressive in newer homes, but can easily complement any home style.

Bring the outside in

Aluminium bi-fold doors are the ultimate luxury in door technology. With the increasing trend of incorporating your garden and living spaces, bi-fold doors are a great way to blend the two. With their unique way of opening, they can stack neatly on one side to give you more space. This is a great option for those who have limited space surrounding the door. They are extremely easy to operate and are effective at keeping heat in or controlling ventilation during the warmer months. Add some elegance to your alfresco dining and garden parties.

Home extensions to improve your lifestyle

Aluminium Conservatory Installation

Aluminium can be a great material to use for conservatories and roof replacements as it’s extremely strong and durable. The thermal efficiency makes it a perfect choice and will make any extension to your home extra special. All our designs are made bespoke to your requirements and we will work with you to ensure your home is how you want it.

Bringing beautiful aluminium frames to your home

Here at Crystal Living, we can find the perfect products to transform your home. Whether you want to completely modernise your glazing or add a beautifully tailor-made extension, we are the name you can trust. Our attention to the design process sets us apart from the rest. We will work with you to fine-tune the details and create a home that is efficient as well as stylish. Make your home the best it can be for you and your family.

Talk to us today to find out what aluminium frames can add to your home.

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