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A Perfect Design Service for a Perfect Home

3ddesignservice1If you’ve always wanted an open plan living space but don’t want to move from the home you love, Crystal Living can help you transform the space you have. We can remodel the whole of your downstairs living area. We’re offering our planning and design service, worth £1,000, completely free for Crystal Living customers.

Making changes

Our design team will take the time to understand how you live in your home. Space might not be your biggest issue. Perhaps the flow of your home doesn’t work as well as you would like. Or if you do need some extra room, a standard bolt-on conservatory may not be quite what you’re looking for.

If you want a relaxing haven to spend your weekends in, we can create an open plan living area leading out to the garden. Or if you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, we can extend your home with a light catching orangery and make enough space to house the dream kitchen island you’ve always wanted.

Creating your design

At Crystal Living, we create a bespoke design by asking you what you want. Our team has over 25 years of design and build experience as well as a vast knowledge of all the products available, so they can recommend what will work best for you.

From our initial chat with you, we’ll generate your design, taking care of all the building, planning and technical regulations along the way. Then we’ll produce a stunning 3D walk through video so that you can see the virtual reality of how your home will look when the work is finished.


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