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8 ways to make your kitchen the most-loved room in your house

Your kitchen is probably the most widely used room in your home and one where a bit of extra space is highly sought after. With some kitchen improvements, you can make it feel more welcoming and become the most-loved room in your home.

Cook up a storm with an extension

Inside Kitchen Extension-roberts-kitchen improvements

A kitchen extension is the best way to give some love back to the room at the heart of your home. Whether you just need more storage space or want to create an open-plan kitchen and dining area; extending can be a fantastic solution. Extending also gives you the control to design a kitchen that perfectly fits your family and needs.

Maybe your growing family needs more table space so you can all spend more time together? Whatever it is you need, Crystal Living have the perfect kitchen extension design ideas for your home.

Island fever

If you have the room, an island is one of the most desirable kitchen features. It gives you more counter space for preparing beautiful meals or can have a sink or become a breakfast bar. An island can also be a great way to increase your storage as many come with shelves and space beneath.

Impress with a stunning glass roof

If you want your kitchen to really have the wow factor, consider adding a roof lantern or skylights. These can be the perfect finish touch to your extension and will flood the room with natural light as well as providing a stunning focal point.

Space saving solutions

Creating more space will instantly make your kitchen feel larger and more organised. As well as extending, there are some nifty tricks you can do which will make a small difference. Make the most of all available space and add some shelves under your cabinets. A plate rack can free up valuable space and a wine rack can easily fit in the space between units.

Make a splash

An impressive way to spruce up your kitchen is to add some new tiles on your walls or even a splashback. Coloured glass looks particularly impressive and will make your kitchen feel modern and fresh.

Refresh your décor

Kitchen Extension Design and Installation-kitchen improvements

A fresh new colour is sometimes all it takes to transform a room. Experiment with a bright shade to match all the spicy culinary creations you prepare. Or how about a soft pastel shade to replicate a country cottage feel? You can also refresh your décor with coloured windows and doors. Take a look at our colour inspiration advice.

Light up your cooking

The kitchen is a room that works best in an abundance of light. Add large windows that span the whole wall to let natural light flow around the room. Or how about installing lights under your cabinets to give a modern feel to your home? Low hanging pendant lights are also a popular choice and work well above a central island.

Create a kitchen garden inside

Bring a bit of nature into your kitchen by adding some plants. Whether that’s maintenance free cactuses and succulents or even your own herb garden. Lining them up on your windowsill will add a homely feel to your kitchen and give a country and rustic charm.

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