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3 modern ways to increase the natural light in your home

Low maintance traditional windows from Crystal Living

Nobody wants a dark home. Natural light is beneficial in so many ways. It can lift your mood, make life easier and allow you to appreciate your décor. There are also a range of health benefits that vitamin D provides including keeping your immune system running smoothly. It’s easier than ever to bring some extra light into your home, from adding windows to a fully glazed extension.

Open up your home to light

Why not add some extra windows to your home or make your current ones larger? If your kitchen only has the one window, why not fill the entire wall with windows to flood it with light? Stairwells, hallways and landings can often be windowless. However, they are areas full of potential to introduce more light into your home. Walk around your home throughout the day to discover what areas get the most sun. You can then position new windows where they will get the maximum light. By choosing slim and sleek aluminium frames, you could maximise the amount of light that enters. This will also give you wider reaching views of your beautiful garden and surrounding countryside.

Let in light and space

Bifold doors are a revolutionary new way to remove the barrier between your home and garden. As well as having an innovative opening mechanism, they also allow in as much light as possible. They create an open plan feel which flows around your home. You could even remove an internal wall and let your rooms blend into one. This will let light filter throughout your home and also make it appear bigger. When the door is open, you can move between your home and garden with ease and when it’s closed you can still enjoy beautiful views and plenty of light.

Gorgeous glazing

orangery with fully glazed roof from Crystal Living- let natural light in

If you’re planning a new extension, consider having a glass roof or lantern roof. You could also refurbish your current conservatory to have a new efficient glazed roof. With high performing glazing, the optimum amount of light can enter without making the room feel too hot or cold. If you don’t want to have a fully glazed roof, why not choose a roof lantern? You can still maintain your privacy while making the room feel bright and airy. It also creates a stunning centrepiece that fills your room with light. Just imagine, as soon as it gets dark you can start stargazing.

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