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3 great reasons to install timber-style uPVC windows in time for Christmas

With less than two months to go til Christmas, the countdown has officially begun! Now is the perfect time to make changes to your property to improve your security and home comfort. If you’re thinking about updating your windows, you have just enough time to arrange it before the winter chill truly sets in. But don’t think that that means having to make do with conventional style windows…

An Evolution in window design

With our incredible timber alternative, Evolution, you can have a truly cool Yule. It’s the final touch which can set your property apart during Christmas – and long after it too. This is because Evolution is a revolutionary material which combines the appearance of real wood with the maintenance-free qualities of uPVC. Crystal Living is the number one supplier of this ground-breaking material in the North West today. It looks so much like timber that many of our customers have difficulty distinguishing it from the real thing. Imagine having timber look windows in your home at Christmas. You’ll have all of the wow factor and none of the high maintenance of traditional timber windows.

Enjoy more home comfort this Christmas

Christmas is the time for making the most of being warm and snug. Yet conventional timber window frames can often be draughty and bad news for your energy bills. With Evolution timber-look frames, you get all the style of wood, but with the added advantage of exceptional thermal performance and energy saving benefits. Perfect for those relaxed nights in watching Christmas classics.

Longer lasting quality

You may have noticed that this October has been very wet. We all know that rain and damp is bad news for traditional wooden frames. When you’re not maintaining them, you’re having to repair them. This is why it’s ideal to install Evolution frames before the real winter weather starts. Because unlike traditional timber, Evolution does not rot, warp or need replacing. You’ll spend less time worrying about maintaining your windows while enjoying a traditional timber look for many Christmases to come.

Find out more about Evolution windows here.

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