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20 expert tips for designing your new conservatory

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If you’re thinking of adding a conservatory to your home, there are lots of things to consider. Here are 20 tips for you to bear in mind from style to energy efficiency.

What are you planning on using it for?

This will dictate the type, size and style of your conservatory.

Decide on the size you want it to be.

How much space can you afford to use?

Work out your budget from the start.

Plan for everything and make sure you’re realistic about what you can afford and remember that plans can evolve over time so be prepared.

Style is important

There are so many different styles to choose from that fit different purposes. A Victorian conservatory is the most popular style with a pitched roof. A T-shaped conservatory is larger and allows you to have separate rooms. A Loggia is a contemporary style that offers you beautiful views with longer glazed panels.

Consider which way you want your conservatory to face.

If space is no limit, think carefully. South facing will receive the most sun all year round but depending on what you are using your new room for, this might not be the best idea.

Decide on the materials you want your conservatory to be made from.

uPVC is the classic option which offers style as well as high performance. Hardwood is an elegant choice that perfectly fits in with traditional homes. Aluminium offers a sleek modern look that never fails to impress.

Glazing is the most important consideration for a conservatory.

With efficient solar control glass, ample light enters your room without overheating it. Self-cleaning glass is also an option which lets your conservatory stay crystal clear all year round.

Check with your local authority

Planning permission shouldn’t be required when installing a conservatory. It’s always best to check though as each situation is different. Your installer should sort this out for you.

Research the different types of roofs.

With a glazed roof, the amount of light you have is maximised and allows the room to feel distinct from the rest of your home. A solid tiled roof gives you the same insulation as the rest of your home and allows it to blend in.

Do you want to incorporate your garden into your conservatory?

By adding bifolding doors, your home and outside space can blend into one. Also consider how much of your garden you might lose before you start planning.

The perfect open-plan opportunity

Knocking down the wall that connects to your conservatory is a great way to make your home open plan. This will give your home a new feel as well as making your space feel increased.

Get some inspiration

Make sure you look at examples of conservatories you like. Ask your installer for case studies of home’s similar to yours.

Make your conservatory energy efficient

Think about whether you want sustainable materials to be used and how much your home’s energy efficiency is important to you. Modern conservatories are no longer a drain on your energy bills and give you a room you can use comfortably all year round.

Aluminium Conservatory Installation

Blend or standout?

Make a decision on whether you want your conservatory to blend in with your home and feel like it’s always been there. Alternatively, you may want it to be a stunning focal point.

Plan ahead

If you have your heart set on fitting a certain piece of furniture into your conservatory, make sure you work this into the plans.

Add value to your life and home

If adding value to your home is one of the motivations for adding a conservatory, talk to a local estate agent. Find out your street’s ceiling price. You want it to be a worthwhile investment.

Let the light shine through

If you opt for a solid roof, you can still enjoy natural sunlight as well as be able to control the ventilation with sky lights. These are windows installed into your roof that let you still enjoy the benefits of a glazed roof.

Control the light you let in

Adding blinds can be an attractive feature as well as being functional. Giving you extra protection against the sun, they can also add a tropical feel to your home.

Let your creativity show

Your new conservatory is the perfect opportunity to be creative with your décor. Choose a colour for your wall you’ve never been brave enough to in your home. Fill it with plants and cushions and whatever else will make it feel like home to you.

The conservatory experts in the North West

The best advice is to find a reputable and reliable conservatory specialist. Here at Crystal Living, our priority is transforming your home. With your help, we can design the perfect conservatory for your home.

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